Building the Kid’s Character by Wearing Islamic Outfit



Building the Kid’s Character by Wearing Islamic Outfit

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In this fast era, we can get any information from everywhere. We need to filter the information that we get when it comes to our children. Parents are the first teacher for kids. They had the most important role to shape their personality. This personality gives a big role on how people see and identify them as a moslem. And it gives a thought about Islam to everyone who sees that. Of course we want the good one, right?

Most of parents still had an old style thought about what to wear for kids. They give them mini dress for their daughters. Perhaps they didn’t realize that it could give them a bad effect. What they wear could build their thought and character when they grow up older.

Proper and polite clothes are easy to find, Moms… We just need to match it. It depends on how you manage it to be a syar’i and nice one. So, everything’s back to our hand as parents to give what kind of clothes for our kids.

The syar’i clothing is not expensive. We can find it in our cupboard. We can start it with anything we have at home. For example, you can match a blouse or a long sleeve shirt with long trousers or long skirt. Then, you can put your hijab on. Or perhaps, you can give her a jacket if the sleeves are short. Piece of cake!

I hope we’ll have sholeh and sholehah kids who can give us a nonstop pahala or rewards from Allah SWT. As stated in the hadeeth narrated by Muslim (1631):

“When the son of Adam dies, all his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, a righteous son who will pray for him, or beneficial knowledge.”

How the parents educate the children will reflect when they grows up. How your children be a good citizens or not depends on how you treat them since they were kids.

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